Friday, August 26, 2011

Been A Busy Week!

Not only did I have two custom orders to fill this week, along with two other standard orders, but I've been working like crazy to get things ready for the marching band's first field show performance tomorrow - we'll be having a BBQ, a raffle, and Alpaca Chip Bingo at the same time.  Since I'm VP Ways and Means (i.e. fundraising point person!), that means I've been working double time - needed to come up with a few good raffle items without spending an exorbitant amount of money.  Oh, hey - that sewing machine of mine happens to double as an embroidery machine - how convenient!

So now, in addition to a few other really cool prizes (like a couple of donated tickets to Disneyland!), I have managed to come up with some things we're hoping that the Royal Regiment parents & students might want to buy some raffle tickets for:

Embroidery unit hard at work!

The finished embroidery - well, not quite.  You weren't supposed to see the
jump stitches, there.
The finished towels.  (Shh...don't tell anyone - they came from the Dollar Tree.
They're custom.  C.U.S.T.O.M.  One-of-a-kind.)

Back in action!

Oof.  It will look better after it's ironed.
If you embroider at all, you'll recognize the trouble spots:
fabric too thin, stabilizer too thick, stitching too dense, and needle too large.
 I was in a hurry.  It's for a stuffed animal.  I can live with it. 
Ladies and gentlemen: meet Mr. Al Paca.  Proudly
wearing his custom-embroidered bandana!

"Don'tcha want to take me h-o-o-o-o-o-o-mmmme?" 

The Sewing Assistant is going to be so sad.  He doesn't know that his bestest buddy in the whole wide world for the last couple of months is going to go to a new home.  We don't know how to break it to him.  

Oh, Al - you smell so new!  And furry!  And new!
Oh, Al!  I luvs you!  You're so snuggly-soft!

Mom.  We have to talk.  Al's gone missing.

To be continued...... (and maybe I should buy a couple of raffle tickets.....)

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