Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy, Busy

My short break was very much appreciated - even though I LIKE being busy, it is nice sometimes to have a breather!

Back to it, and very grateful to have the work - off my needles today is another McCall's M6240 for the same client (only this one is for her sister-in-law), and in a lovely navy jersey:

Again, the dressform doesn't really do it justice.  I'm hoping for some photos from the event that these women are attending (since I've now outfitted three of them for the same event) that will show the work in much better light and in more flattering circumstances!

While I had the cutting table out, I decided to finally cut out another purse project.  There is a decorator fabric store nearby that has a cast-off bin - when you come in, you can pick up a cut of fabric from this bin for free, and every other piece you take is only $2.00.  It is impossible for me to walk into this store without coming out with a bagful of these "scraps" - and I use the term loosely, as some of the pieces are pretty generous and most of them are about 54 - 60" wide.  Lots 'o' fun to be had, there:

Decorator weight fabrics - amazingly, they coordinated very well!

Someone, however, was in disagreement.  

Contemplating disaster.  Or fuzzy thoughts. 

I think you need to take THIS piece......

...and move it over......HERE!

I was going to work on it tonight after I finished the navy dress, but the Sewing Assistant had other ideas and is now quite happily dreaming of kitty treats while curled up in my sewing chair.  So much for working on a project for myself.....

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