Friday, August 19, 2011

Post and Run!

My life can be pretty chaotic at times - right now I'm in the thick of working out prop covers and colorguard "shrouds" for this season's fall show - can't show you photos yet, or I'd have to send my "cousin" Guido to your house to ensure your silence.  The fabric is very sheer and very mysterious looking - works with the theme of the marching band show.  I can't wait to see all of this in action, especially the rifle tossing.  WITH shroud.  I've also been training the person who will be taking my place doing uniforms for the band.  We got really lucky - she's very organized and efficient, so I can feel confident I'm leaving that post in capable hands as I move on to more difficult things - like fundraising.

In addition I'm also doing a lot of work for the maternity wear client - she actually had a fashion show today that I needed to do a rush order for:

Black matte satin lining with black lace overlay

Close-up of the neckline, which kept wanting to curl to the outside
so bad I had to topstitch it into place - and that was AFTER
understitching the lining to the seam allowance.  

Another invisible zipper that isn't quite as invisible....

My favorite part - the scalloped hem of the lace overlay - I hemmed
the lining short enough so that the scallop really showed up.

If I'd had more time, I would have replaced this
with a black one.  It was all the client had on hand.
At least you can't see the whole zipper....

Sorry they are blurry - I was shooting on the run out to deliver the dress.

I couldn't be there for the fashion show today, though - because I was up at church, doing this again:

 Needed to coordinate these flowers for a marriage validation ceremony tomorrow with a wedding that will be happening afterwards.  The coordinator asked if I could do hot pink to match the attendants at that wedding.  Hot pink is expensive.  I sure hope that bride & groom will be making a donation to the church to say thank you for the free flowers.....

The roses are just luscious, some of them are double:

DOUBLE!  So full!
It was pretty amazing to be able to find matching
gladiolas in the same hot pink!

This just makes me smile, I don't know why...just so bright & cheerful, maybe. 
Now, on to cutting out more dresses (three due this week, including one in custom fabric) - but only after I go lay down for awhile.  Doing these large arrangements always takes such a toll on my back.  Wish we could find one more florist for the church.  This weekend is the Ministry Fair - hopefully we will get lucky and find someone who has the experience who can handle large floral arrangements like this.  So I won't have to.  

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