Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Maternity Dress - A Different Kind of Prop Cover

Seem to be cranking these out lately:

Another maternity dress in a medium grey jersey

Close-up of the front

Ties in the back - handy for keeping the top UP

You learn something new every day.  With this dress, I learned a really nifty way to turn very narrow fabric tubes (to make straps/ties like these):  cut the fabric about an inch and a quarter wide; fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together; sew the long side about 1/4 inch away from the fold; thread a large needle with very strong thread (or use double or triple strands of regular thread); knot the ends; take a couple of tiny stitches at one of the ends of the tube; insert the needle BACKWARDS (eye first) into the tube and work it through to the other end of the tube, gathering as you go, until it comes out - then pull the tube right side out.  It helps to hold the seam allowance while pulling the needle through so the fabric can slide along itself easily.  I have turned tubes with a hook type tube turner (usually a disaster and it can make huge holes in the fabric), a bodkin, safety pins, chopsticks, pencils, and a tube-turner device called FastTurn.  This needle trick worked far better than any method I've used before.

This dress was used for a photo shoot for - not sure when she'll be posting it up on the website, but hopefully soon.  During the fashion show (for which this dress was made), the models were wearing tummy props, but I'm thinking that the photo shoot will be using a pregnant model.  Will be interesting to see it "live!"

Speaking of props, one of my upcoming tasks is to make a 35 foot by 35 foot prop cover for the marching band, with 22 matching "shrouds" for the colorguard.  Oy.  That will be the largest item I've ever sewn.  Photos to follow, if I don't keel over first.

Apparently, someone still hasn't gotten the memo that he's been fired:

Here, he is sleeping on the job.  Literally.

Memo?  What memo?  I din't see no stinkin' memo!  Har, har, har!

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