Friday, September 2, 2011

What a Week

For those of you who don't know me personally, this has been a rather difficult week.  My Sewing Assistant suddenly took ill and we needed to take a trip to the emergency vet at about 3 a.m. on Monday.  He was in ICU with a complete blockage of his urinary tract, a bladder in danger of rupturing, hooked up to IVs and a catheter, on pain meds, and basically really miserable.

The dog in the kennel next to him that was whining 24/7 wasn't helping his disposition any.

He's home now, resting up and trying to regain control of his regular functions.  New diet, limited activity, no more dry food, and meds, meds, meds.

Of course all of this doesn't stop the work coming in - and I was grateful for the distraction because I'd probably worry myself to death if I didn't have something to do.  And bless his heart, my Sewing Assistant appeared to be up to the challenge as soon as I got him home.

Don't worry, I cut all this out on the floor.  Rotten for my back, but I didn't want to take a chance on him jumping down from my usual cutting table height.

First duty - inspect all incoming packages.   There might be noms in there.

My name is Neko and I approve this design. 

Resting a bit.  You can see where they shaved him for the IV.

Where they shaved him for the catheter.  This particular area
seems to really bother him - I don't now if the adhesive on the tape
is what is doing it or if it's the hair starting to grow back.  

A good view of his doped-up eyes - he was actually on
a scheduled drug for the pain - I had to sign for it at the pharmacy.

Back to work.  Inspecting pattern layout. 

Pattern weight.  And lots of it.  The vet at intake nicknamed him "The Tank."

Last duty: re-inspecting the incoming package.
Because you never know if someone might have dropped
some noms in there since the last time he looked.

Time to rest, now.  The sewing chair looks like a good spot.
Sigh.  I can't move him, he really needs to sleep, rest, and recover in a quiet location.  The work can wait a bit.

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