Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting Things Done

Well, unless you count blogging.  These days Jules Ford Maternity is keeping me so busy I don't really have time to blog about my sewing, which will have to change.  Along with all the housework I'm not getting done, LOL!  Just have to adjust to working nearly full time again - it's been awhile.  I do remember going through this after the boys were born, juggling at home work with their schedules, doctor visits, picking up and delivering jobs (at the time I was working for toy companies), etc.  Come to think of it, that's about when the housework went to pot.

I also interviewed with another potential client this week, and that one sounds promisingly like it will take up every spare minute of my time, so I need to get busy and figure out how to juggle again.  I hope very much that I will be able to work with this gal - we have a lot in common - she made me laugh when we were talking about sewing & crafting and mentioned that she's always wondered if there was such a diagnosis as Crafting ADD.  (ADCD?)  A lot of us would be accused of "suffering" from it, I can tell you.

It looks like I'll have to figure the juggling thing out myself, though, as the Sewing Assistant seems to be checking out of reality an awful lot lately:

Is this normal?  Wonder if he's dreaming of noms....

Well, he deserves it.  He's been through a lot lately.  I just wish I could get him to eat the special diet food the vet sent us home with.  He hates it.  Our older cat who has been incredibly picky his entire life has suddenly decided that everything the young cat gets is HIS - he often bounces Neko out of the way to get to his special food.  Neko, on the other hand, has taken to jumping on the kitchen counter to get at Tom's food, which we put up there to get out of his reach because he's not supposed to be eating dry food.  Now Tom's bowl is on top of the refrigerator.  My kitchen is like a three-ring circus these days - pick one up out of the Neko's reach, wait until Tom is back in the kitchen, and then switch bowls.  Repeat.  Ad nauseum.

While I'm not juggling food dishes in the kitchen, I'm busy in the sewing room:

A custom version of that coral dress, called Shane.

Still haven't been able to figure out how to solve this sagging problem.
The weight of the fabric, no matter how light, becomes very heavy
when pleated with abandon.  

The back came out really nicely on this one, done in a custom fabric in soft Williamsburg blue.
I think this is going to make one very happy, pregnant momma.  

A new dress - called Gemma.  Done in
black crepe, completely lined.  Very dressy looking except it looks
like it's just hanging, here.  My dressform was set too small (for another
project) and so it doesn't fill out the dress properly.
The sleeves are set well into the bodice, completely lined, and hand
draped & tacked to the lining.  

The back.  

Looks much better in person - crepe is difficult to photograph, especially when you're behind deadline and in a hurry, ha-ha!  Jules Ford has loaned me the use of a faux pregnant belly to put on my dressform to make sure these garments can fit over a real one - but it will come in handy to photograph as well.  Her whole ideal is to make sure pregnant women can wear these garments both during and after the pregnancy, instead of having them spend huge amounts of money for a garment they can only wear for a couple of months.  So expect more dresses to show up on my blog looking more like they would in real life - I may just have to get one of these belly things - you can actually find them on!  

More to come, soon!

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