Thursday, September 15, 2011

OMG - My Dressform is Preggers!


Got another maternity dress and a maternity tunic done for my client ( just in time for her to swing by on her way home from the L.A. garment district.  While I was busy packaging up the two garments, my Sewing Assistant got busy getting to know her 11 month old son.  That was a riot - Neko had never seen a human that was his size before, crawling on the floor.  They were both really curious about each other, and then they mutually decided that a (slow) game of tag was just the ticket to celebrate making new friends.  His mother and I were laughing so much that I forgot to go get the camera.  Ah, well....with my sadly incompetent photographic skills, the most you would have seen was a blur, similar to this:

The Sewing Assistant, racing to his next assignment.
Apparently making a comment on my photo skills.
Or lack of.

The dress for today you've seen before.  The tunic I sent her home with was this one:

This is called a Lulu tunic. Name seems fitting. 

What the.....HEY! Someone got my dressform pregnant!
The Sewing Assistant has a lot of 'splaining to do!

An Extreme Close-up of the shirring and the narrow hem
on the sleeve.  The shirring is done by sewing in single-fold bias tape,
threading the elastic through (with a very small safety pin, the only thing
that would fit), then whip-stitching the ends of the bias tape together
where they meet.

Narrow hem!  Way better than the narrow hem foot on my machine does it -
that often leaves part of the raw edge hanging out - this method is more
time-consuming but leaves a much better finished edge.

Some things are better done slowly - I think this is one of them.
Here is a tutorial on using the narrow hem foot for your machine:
Personally, I've been using them for years and STILL haven't mastered them.
Maybe next time.... 

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