Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Explosion of Sewing and Bad Photography

So far this month I have bested my personal record for the number of projects sewn, and it's still only mid- September.  Here's the list so far:
2 curtains for my neighbor's pantry doorway
2 custom towel loops for the same neighbor's boat towels
1 repaired pillow case (Yeah - same neighbor.)
3 maternity dresses (done September 7th)
1 black lace refashioned t-shirt
1 tote bag
2 maternity dresses (for September 12th)
2 pair pajamas for myself, since I'm going through withdrawals (September 12th)
1 maternity dress (Sept. 13th)
1 maternity dress (Sept. 14th)
2 maternity tops cut and ready to sew for tomorrow, with 3 more maternity dresses still to go.....

I'm still waiting to hear from the new client about when she'd like to start on her upcoming project.  When that happens,  it looks like I'm going to be sewing around the clock.  Really excited to start that project, since I just invested in a used Janome MC6500 that came equipped with a walking foot - sews like a champ and it will come in handy - the walking foot will be able to handle the new client's cushy fabric a walk in the park, if you'll pardon the trite simile.

Speaking of projects, we'll not mention the huge 35 foot project for the band, shall we? Cutting commences this the band room, since I don't have anywhere in the house I can lay out that much yardage.  Not without attracting the attention of the Sewing Assistant, who I'm sure would love to put his little claws through all that sheer fabric...

Now for photos:
The refashioned black t-shirt - that's stretch lace!

The new tote bag, using home-dec fabrics.
Too big for me to use, and I'm bummed.
Know anyone who might want to buy it?

Best fitting pajamas I've ever had, either made
by me or store-bought.  It's So Easy,
Simplicty 4418.  Easy to make.  Even easier to wear.
Can't say much about the photographer's skills, though.
Even more to come - several new maternity garments coming right up!

If you want a tutorial on the refashioned black lace t-shirt, check it out here:;postID=3457423827583060255

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