Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Days

Three days.  That's how long I had my latest migraine.  Ugh.  Certainly puts a damper on being creative, I'll tell you.

Still working on the parfait t-shirt - that one should definitely be finished by tomorrow.  I was just sitting here at the computer and glanced over at another shirt that was gifted to me by a friend for makeover purposes - all of a sudden I had a flash of inspiration - and I knew I could knock this one out pretty quick.

The Before - a black and white plaid shirt, size 1x, shirred in the front with elastic thread:
LOL!  My camera does NOT like this black and white print!
Getting started:  first, try and figure out what I'm going to do with this shirt.

Hmm...this looks promising.
Going to need quite a bit taken in on the sides.

Taking some darts in the back to make it more fitted.
And off comes the button plackets and the collar.

Looking better already!

Trimmed about three inches off the bottom of the shirt, and about the same on both cuffs.  Then it's time for new hems!

Sewing it down. 
Did a little creative cutting & stitching,
and it became ties for the front & side.
Remember the three inches I cut
off the bottom of the shirt?

Add some lace I bought at the Assistance League Store for a whole dollar, and voila!  A new shirt!

And in case you were wondering, the Sewing Assistant was there to help every step of the way:

What?  Pretty white danglies not for me?

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