Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Hard to Craft When You're Hurting

Love doing flowers.  Just don't love the way I feel after doing these large arrangements for the church.  

This week's arrangement didn't turn out exactly the way I had envisioned it at the floral wholesaler - but maybe by Sunday the pink flowers at the top will have opened up a bit more so it looks a little....lighter.

The whole arrangement

The dahlias that started it all - aren't they delicious?

Don't know the name of these particular flowers,
but aren't they a bit Tim Burton-esque? LOL!

Forgot the name of these flowers - they were the priciest
out of everything I bought today - including the dahlias!

I was going for an understated look.  When I stepped back to judge how things were taking shape, though, I realized that it wasn't quite what I had planned in my head.

Oh, well.  I'm just hoping the pastor isn't going to get weirded out by those Alice In Wonderland creations at the top.

Now I need to go lie down so my back stops screaming at me.  Lifting that heavy soaked Oasis floral foam is a killer, not to mention the umpteen times I have to bend over to cut and insert at floor level.  So any more crafting today is a bit out of the question.

I liked how my black and white checked shirt came out the other day, but it still needs a little something on the side (literally) - I think I'll take advantage of this forced time-out today to make up some specialties and post the finished project tomorrow.  And maybe make a list of the UFOs that I would dearly love to have done by the end of this month - think tacking it to my forehead would help my motivation?

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