Sunday, October 2, 2011

More of That Story and Some Fun - Just Because

If you read my last post, you know that I was able to make a wish come true for a very special little girl, due in part to my penchant for procrastination, LOL.  Well, the story continues.

Today I was supposed to play catch-up on some projects for the maternity wear client.  While I was cutting, sewing & serging today's dress (see this one), I checked my email during a break and found another plea from my friend who does the Threads of Love in our area.  Turns out that not only was this little girl's original Lovey in that fabric that didn't exist anymore (except in the dark reaches of my craftroom, LOL), it also had a custom stitching job done around its skirt and hat:

The original star stitching on the first Lovey

And the matching stitching on the hat.
You can see how much this thing has been loved. 

My friend's plea:  did I happen to have the same stitch available on my sewing machine?  I checked, and believe it or not, I did.  As a matter of fact, even the "new" used Janome had the same stitch on it - so I was covered either way.  And it was done in purple thread.

Hold on, now - did you go to the second link I posted above?  Did you notice something oddly....familiar?  See anything uncanny?  (Give up yet?)  Amazingly enough, I had my serger and my sewing machine ready to sew up another Frankie dress in.......

...wait for it....


The newest stars.  Which I just realized are upside-down
from the way they were on the original.

I don't believe much in coincidence these days.  I don't want to risk offending anyone by a post, but I believe that everything happens in God's own time.  The way that it should, even if it's not the way you want it to happen or might have expected.  We don't always see it right away.  So my embarrassment over not having done these charity projects in a timely fashion have ended up blessing a little girl I have never met and bringing some peace of mind to her mother, who has a lot to deal with as it is.  And that's the best thing that has happened to me in awhile.

And now for something completely different (the Some Fun - Just Because part):

Went to Kohls today and bought myself one of these kitchen toys:

A mini donut maker by Babycakes!
Small, but nom-tastic as my son's girlfriend put it!  My son was busy elsewhere today, so after she was done with the project she was working on over at my house, we put this thing to the test - and here are the results (and trust me, there were plenty more earlier today - most of them are already gone):

Powdered sugar, cinnamon-sugar, and plain donuts

Mmmm....maple glazing!

Extreme close-up of all the maple-y goodness!

More flavored extracts (like blueberry), along with sprinkles & possibly some cake mixes, are already on the shopping list.  We have plans, his girlfriend and I....pumpkin donuts, anyone?

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