Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching Up

Maybe I shouldn't title this post Catching Up - as soon as it's posted, I'm sure another avalanche of UFOs and work will appear from out of nowhere...

Got quite a few things done this week, and managed to find some band moms to help me with some of the more labor-intensive projects as well so I could actually get some sleep for a change.  Doesn't matter how much I get done, though, there always seems to be too much to do.  I think if I ever had a day completely free, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.  Nah, maybe I would - I'd probably spend half of it shopping to replace used notions & thread, and the other half trying to wade through all the undone things that have piled up while I've been so busy.  My family has gotten quite good at doing the dirty-dish-balancing-act in the kitchen sink....(cue circus music here).

First up: got the replacement Lovey done for that little girl who loved her old one to death.  Now it's up to the mom to figure out how to swap them out.  Still waiting to hear how that goes - if I get an update from my friend who does the Threads of Love projects here in Orange County, I'll put it in a future post.  Just hope it's successful, for both mom & daughter's sake.  Having a security like that is important when faced with medical procedures, tests, therapy, etc.

The old:
The way it was....

...and then became....

The beginning of the Remake

Adding the specialty stitching (with more on the hem of the hat).

The New and Improved Lovey.  

No matter how crazy busy it gets, I never feel quite right unless I'm doing at least one project for a good cause.  Now I need to get to the rest of the two or three bags of these Threads of Love items - I've really missed working with them.

Another hectic week with the band - after repairing the large field veil, I had to "outsource" the practice veil and the mini-veils, as my client work was getting pushed further and further behind.  Not good, since I had two big jobs to do for clients and another one coming down the pike any day now.  I got most of the maternity work done - here are a couple of new ones I hadn't worked on before:

An Ella dress, in navy jersey. 

Close-up of the cowl neck and the pleating.
Yeah, I know - sleeveless, with a big old cowl.
That would have driven me nuts when I was pregnant.
Too cold and too hot at the same time.

Here is an Erika dress, made with seersucker and
completely lined.  

My dressform is woefully UN-busty.  Poor Loretta.

Don't look at the stripes too long.  You'll get
a headache.  

Did three other dresses as well, but you've seen those already.

Picked up another order of onesies this week, also - I'll post photos of those when I get them done.  They are so cute they should come with a surgeon general's warning on them.  If you click on that link, you can see a couple of the ones I'll be working on (the Sweet Dreamy applique, a couple for boys and a couple for girls), along with two I worked up for her a couple of weeks ago (Grey and Pink Owl and Turquoise and Red Owl).  

Waiting for the snuggly blanket client to close up her co-op, and then I'll know how much work will be coming from that direction.  

In the meantime, I took a little time off last night to watch the marching band perform what they have so far of their show in their first competition of the season.  Took the camera, so you could see that giant grey veil in action, only I couldn't get my camera to behave very well with the stadium lighting.  I'll need to take it to Wednesday night rehearsal and fool around with it until I can get some better photos.  In the meantime, if all you remember is this, here are a few pics that will explain things a bit better.  Or not.  It's supposed to be mysterious, and I think we've nailed that part of it, anyway.

Setting up.

Oooo, pretty lights.

Round and round and round....kind of like a bizarre sort of Maypole.

The Unveiling (if you'll pardon the pun).

Colorguard dances with the fabric, which billows in a strangely
mesmerizing way.

And then carries it around the field. 

So, we've gone from a Lovey that's been carried around and loved to death, to a field show that features a different sort of fabric "creature" being carried around.  Let's just hope they don't love it to death.

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