Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crafting At The Last Minute

It's the story of my life.  I've worked pretty hard throughout my life, learning as much as I can when I can about crafty and artistic things that interest me; I work to perfect my skills and make things that look as professional as I can manage, anyway.  And for what?  So that when I get a panicky, last-minute text from my 19-year-old in the middle of one of his college classes, I can spring into action.  Well, as much as I can spring these days, at any rate.

"Mom, I'm probably going over to (girlfriend)'s house right after class, and it's our first anniversary - where can I get some flowers (at 6:45 pm)?"  If you're like me, you're probably wondering how he could POSSIBLY have left it until 15 minutes before he was supposed to be over at her house, right?  But then, we are talking about a male, here.

"No worries, Trader Joe's has decent, fresh flowers that won't cost you too much.  I need to go over there to get some fish for dinner (it being Ash Wednesday and all) anyway, I'll just pick some flowers up for you while I'm there.  Bouquet or centerpiece arrangement?"

"Centerpiece style, roses if you can.  Thanks, Mom!!! : D"

Well, they had small roses wrapped up with other flowers, so I picked up another mixed bouquet and brought them home.
Gotta love Trader Joe's!
Added some leather ferns from our yard, a gift from a neighbor that had removed them from their yard during a house renovation.
Love these, but wish my hubby would stop cutting them back so far.  I always need more!

45 minutes later:

Voila!  First Anniversary arrangement!
The flexible paper at the bottom added a bit of color punch, and was tucked into two of the bouquets from the store - she can remove it if she wants and there is a sturdy flower container - pick those up at the 99 cent store when I see them.  So I can give them away like this.  : )

Some of the flowers got a little washed out in this shot, so here are some close-ups (because you never get tired of looking at flowers, right?):

Had to add the freesia - it was a little yellow for this bouquet but smelled so divine!

Some of the larger roses & some lilies & berries from the mixed bunch.

Some miniature roses & alstromeria - aren't they sweet?

Now how could he possibly go wrong with this? 
Crafty moms rock.  (LOL!)

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