Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before You Hoist That Green Beer....

You might consider putting the cost of one or two frosty mugs toward helping the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  You might be a little less tipsy, but it's for a good cause:

If you'd like to donate, but would like to help support grass roots efforts (with the possibility of winning something homemade, crafty, and awesome), check out these sites:  (I guarantee this one will have you scrambling for the Kleenex)

See?  People like you and me, who really want to help - they are reaching out to friends and blog peeps, everyone wanting to do something, ANYTHING, to help the people of Japan.  It's amazing what you can do, even if you think you are "only one person."

Move a little out of your comfort zone, in order to bring comfort to those in dire need.  The Japanese Red Cross has not "officially" requested help from the American Red Cross, but the ARC wants to be action-ready when the call does come.  And there is no way it won't.  There is just too much devastation.  Too much loss.  Too many needs.

When you're done, hoist that beer a little higher, knowing you did something good for others.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, God Bless all of those people. BEA