Tuesday, January 18, 2011

While I'm cutting...

This is today's pile for cutting.  Nothing fancy, just cotton flannel to make pajama pants for the boys.
Mmmm.....soft, cushy, warm....just in time for 80 degree weather.

Of course, my intrepid sewing assistant, Neko, insisted that this was NOT material for the boys.  Oh, no.  I have NO idea where I got that notion.  

We interrupt this afternoon's cutting session to bring you a regularly scheduled nap. 

Neko has a tendency to "help" me with all of my sewing, everything from pattern inspection to supervising the stitching.  

Which pattern piece should I shred next?  Choices, choices....

Mom, this seam could use a little work.  Here, let me help you pick out the stitches.  

Are you SURE that's on the right setting?  

Sigh.  So, while I'm waiting to get to the rest of the fabric.....

Came across a post on one of my favorite blogs today: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog
Of course, I needed to take a look for myself to see what the uproar was about.

Must.  Find.  This.  Pattern.

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