Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Have a little time on my hands this week between client orders, so I thought I'd put it to good use.

You may have seen this post, which had partly to do with one of our Marching Band friends (Color Guard, to be exact) earning her Gold Award for the Girl Scouts.  She recently left the country to live in the Czech Republic for a year in an educational exchange program.  Before she left, she donated several large sacks full of leftover fleece she had acquired while making her hats for the Children's Hospital (and also fabric she had used to make her own stylish hats that she wore during night rehearsals on the field).

I have a flyer that I had picked up at our local Summerfest, during the Dog Show that was a main event one day that weekend.  This is from Operation Blankets of Love (www.OperationBlanketsofLove.org), which collects blankets for homeless animals in shelters, rescue groups, wildlife & farm sanctuaries in the Southern California area.

Light bulb moment.

Starting with 4" square cuts

Overseeing the action

Pieces cut for backing medium (pieced) blankets, and smaller pads for carriers

4" cuts, ready to be pieced into colorful blankets

I'm overwhelmed with choices - this is going to be such a cheerful project!

More color!

The Sewing Assistant, giving approval to the largest blankets, ready  to go!

Alexis, this one's for you.  When I get the blankets started, I'll post more photos - if I can get Neko out of the pile of fabric long enough.  The blanket organization will be back at Mile Square Park for the Howling Halloween event on October 21st, and will be collecting blankets from the local community.  I'll make sure they know the back story & I'll post the final donation so you can see how many homeless animals you've helped to comfort and warm - your gift that keeps on giving!

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