Sunday, April 29, 2012

The End of the Cra-zy Month

Whew.  That was a ton of work to get through, but it's nice to have it when it's there.  It's also nice to know I could manage all of it along with other things I had on my plate!  Don't come to my house for an inspection, though - still trying to get caught up on housework!  Something had to give, you know!

My client was kind enough to send me some of the photos she had taken of the garments for the boutique owner.  See, I told you my dress form just didn't do them justice!

Photo property of Kali Familigo

Photo property of Kali Familigo

Photo property of Kali Familigo

Photo property of Kali Familigo

These will be available soon in the Luna Boutique on Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach.  Check them out on Facebook:

Now that I have a break of sorts, of course I needed to do something crafty, just because. I have some projects that have been on hold, like forever.....but one thing I've been needing to do is to get my Kindle Fire protected.  Not talking about the extended warranty (available from at a very reasonable cost) - took care of that the second day I had the Kindle.  Nor do I mean the screen protector - bought that the second day, too - and I highly recommend putting one on if you have a Fire.  Streaming videos or reading a novel isn't quite as fun when you're looking through a scratched screen and all those wandering pixels.

No, the protection I'm talking about is the padded, customized, crafty type.  Like the patterns available from the project sections of awesome places like Urban Threads: )
or like the ones you can buy on Etsy: 

But you know me.  I can't pass up an opportunity to make one of my own.  Which is exactly what I did, from scraps of black canvas from another project, liner material purchased out of the remnant bin at my local fabric store, an embroidery pattern from Urban Threads, a hair tie, and a button out of my stash.

This embroidery design was too awesome to pass up
on Banned Book Day.   If memory serves, Urban Threads
provided this design free of charge.

I followed the project instructions from Urban Threads (see link above)
except that I didn't add the inside pocket.  I couldn't figure out
any reason to have a pocket for this thing.  It's not like you'll need it
for a bookmark.  (LOL!)

Fits nice and snug.
And yes, those bubbles are a result of my less than fantastic
screen-protector-applying skills. How embarrassing. 

Padding, padding, padding.  Made the dimensions of the cover
really, really tight and it almost didn't fit the Kindle.  Next time
I'll add more to the length & width of the fabric, the cardboard,
and the spacing between the front & back to accommodate the
added thickness.

And you KNOW there will be a next time.  Girl's gotta have
wardrobe options, yo?
 I also decided that my sewing chair needed a bit of a makeover.  I perused the internet looking for a way to make a cover for this chair.  I looked at this:

What I really wanted, though, was a slipcover.  I did NOT want to have to get down on my hands and knees (potentially hurting myself in the process) and attempt to take this chair apart screw by screw.  And sweat bullets trying to remember which part went where when I went to put it back together again.  So, following my sillier instincts, I decided to just throw the fabric over the chair and start pinning until it fit how I liked.  It resulted in some strange tucks & darts, especially when I realized that the scrap of upholstery fabric I'd bought already had some pieces cut from it.  But it's totally workable.  

Still needs some elastic or a drawstring at the bottom,
but here is the mostly finished slipcover.

The Sewing Assistant approves.


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