Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You, Mr. Serling

Ahh...spent most of the last two days in the Twilight Zone.  This time, it was entirely by design, as opposed to wandering through there by accident.

While I was watching, I was working on finishing up at least the first sock that I showed you ages ago.  Since I was watching TV, though, I mis-knit the toe of the sock and didn't even notice it until I had grafted the toe together, cut the yarn, and had woven all of my ends back into the sock body, then tried it on.


Sigh.  I frogged it (or tinked it, depending on your preference) back to the beginning of the toe decreases and proceeded to knit it in the appropriate fashion (meaning, I knit it from the contrast yarn instead of continuing the stripe pattern).  I was pretty proud of myself for unraveling that much of two very fine sock yarns and managing to pick up all the stitches without dropping any.  Too far.

But in the end, it was worth it.  Now the toe coordinates with the contrast heel and looks a lot better.  I knit this sock minus one pattern repeat and am really glad I did - it would have been quite nearly a knee-sock length if I hadn't.  I haven't worn knee-socks since high school (except for the one time I dressed up as a German goat-herder for sign language class, and I'm determined not to go into that here), and wasn't planning to start wearing them again any time soon.

So here is my new sock, courtesy of Mr. Rod Serling and his amazingly entertaining stories:

This pattern was such a great way to use the lone skein of
color-change sock yarn I found in the bargain bin.  I had kept it for
years thinking I'd be able to scout other stores in the chain to find
another skein, but no such luck.  It was truly one-of-a-kind.

I am SO GLAD I dropped that extra pattern repeat - it would have
added another two inches to the length of this sock!  The real reason I
dropped the repeat?  I was worried I'd get to the end of the second sock
and run out of that lovely colored yarn!  Tragedy averted!
Love, love, LOVE the way this yarn makes it look like I have crazy mad Fair Isle skillz!

Now to cast on that second sock, before I lose my nerve....

P.S. - More Photoshop Elements (PSE) fun:

I look like I'm either going to Rio or I'm on an acid trip, LOL!

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