Monday, February 21, 2011

Progress - A Good Thing, When It Happens

Still contemplating shoes.  I'm not too sure that the pattern I drafted in my last post is going to give me a better fitting upper, so I need to try out a shoe in some sample fabric.  In the meantime, I happened across this fabric at Joanns the other day - in the remnant bin - and, BONUS!  The original fabric was on sale, so that meant the remnant was on sale as well!  If this works out, I could get several pair of shoes out of this piece, and it only cost me about $2.10.  What a deal!

OOOOO!  Pretty denim!  Even prettier price (half of what you see here)!

A detail of the embroidery on the denim.  

I am pretty sure I have a similar weight denim to try the new shoe pattern out, before I cut into this pretty stuff.  Stay tuned!

In other boss said I could post photos of the >ahem< project I was working on with the Sewing Assistant's "help."  I'm excited, because the whole thing came out looking DASH!  The client is Custom Candy Buffet Bars, and their website is here:  
Click there, and you can see what type of functions they go to - the finished product made it up to the American Idol taping this past Sunday!  (Does that mean I can tell people my work was seen on American Idol?  Alas, no - only backstage!)

Ta da! The finished product!  About 5 ft long, about 5 ft high, and about 2ft deep.

OOH!  AAH!  This is what it looks like lit up - like it would be at an event like, let's say, AMERICAN IDOL!  
The boss-man at All American Signs and his handy crew designed this, designed the graphics for it (the striping is a brain-bender, tell you more in a sec), built it at the shop, and installed the lighting, complete with a dimmer switch.  My paltry involvement?  The custom black awning you see that mimics the curve of the clear etched sign.  It had to fit tight, flap at the sides, tie around the awning knobs (which you can't see here), and velcro to the front and back crossbeam.  THAT'S what the Sewing Assistant was sitting on a couple of posts ago, LOL!  (Get it?  A couple of posts?  Badum-ching!)

Two of the neatest design elements:
1) look carefully at the striping.  It goes from top to bottom, including the beaded molding at the top and bottom.  But wait - there's more!  It is also seen on the platform shelf (the second line of striping in the middle) which
2) pulls out of the unit completely, flips upside down, and becomes a slanted shelf with a stop edge to it.  And the striping matches, whether it is in the unit as you see here, or flipped and inserted as the slanted shelf!

I love working with these people - always something interesting popping up!  (Sometimes literally!)

By the way, that sucker you see inserted in the back, there?  Was about 18 inches tall and felt like it weighed about 4 or 5 pounds - the label said it was 47 servings, LOL! 

Hopefully at some point, a photo of the finished and FILLED candy bar will make it to their web site - fun!

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